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 Sharp Shape 3D laser foot scanner, Model 2V

The  Sharp Shape 3D laser foot scanner is  electronic imaging equipment designed for podiatrists working
with patient’s feet. The current foot scanner is the third generation of the product line. It is accurate and
compatible with our CAD/CAM AOMS system.

COL International  Mission Statement

               To provide true 3-dimensional foot scanning capability which is compatible with todays
current  CAD/CAM AOMS program. The technology is clean, swift, and cost effective. All scans
record true volume unlike other scanners which record pressure points.

Our Commitments

1. No royalty. We are committed to a business that gives you complete control. The more you use it
    the more you benefit from it.
2. No audit. We do not use a software mechanism to record, report, or control the times that you
    use the system.
3. Provide timely support to our customers. We do not charge fees for technical support.
4. Customer satisfaction. If unsatisfied with results, a full warranty and return policy is provided.

Minimum System Requirements
* CPU: 800 MHz Intel Pentium III or
    AMD Athlon processor
* Hard Drive Space: 1400 MB
* RAM: 128 MB RAM
* Video Memory: 32 MB VRAM
* Parallel Port or USB port
   (adapter will be supplied)