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A message from the Founder and President | Samuel Ber DPM

The onset of 2019 brought about our 37th Anniversary. I am proud to say that Canadian Orthotics Laboratory has accomplished its ultimate goal of providing quality orthotics, in a faster turnaround time and at very competitive prices.

In the late 70's, as a practicing podiatrist, I found quality orthotics in the marketplace, but the manufacturers took too long to make them and they were too costly. I knew there had to be a better way. I began to work with different biomechanical specialists in North America to create my own designs and improve on the manufacturing process. My aim was to provide the best, most advanced and cost-effective orthotics for all of my patients' biomechanical abnormalities. What began as a search for a quality, timely and cost-effective orthotics manufacturer, ended up leading to the creation of Canadian Orthotics Laboratory in 1981.

Since COL's inception, it was vitally important to us that we provided you and your patients with the highest quality orthotic devices. We could give you no less than what I personally expected for my own patients. Quality, service and value were to be expected. Our ever-increasing lines of orthotics and our steady growth and expansion have been proof of our commitment to excellence.

The Quality of our Products

Each COL orthotic incorporates functional design, quality materials and the highest standards in manufacturing quality. Our attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process - over 15 quality control checks before shipping - ensures that your prescription is durable, comfortable and prepared to your exact specifications.

Service You Can Count On

In COL, you have an active partner in treating the biomechanical conditions of your patients. From answering your product and patient care questions to ensuring that your COL prescription provides effective results, you can rely on our staff to personally service all your orthotic needs.

Our turnaround time is 5 - 7 working days, from the time we receive your prescription to the fulfillment of your order. We want your patients to be on the road to comfort as quickly as possible.


COL has come a long way. As your needs have grown and diversified, so has COL. We keep in step with all the latest advances in biomechanics and orthotics fabrication. When new materials come onto the market, we experiment with them and test them thoroughly, as we insist our orthotics have comfort and longevity.

Over the years, your needs and challenges have continually driven us to create and perfect varied and specialized orthotics. We actively look for new materials, technologies and needs. We do our research and test before we implement. Our lab is on the cutting edge, using new materials, computerization and new technologies, as demonstrated in our cast scanning, digital storage, lab automation, utilization of CAD-CAM technology and our Direct Milled Orthotics machinery.




Our Contacts


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